Address H-9027 Győr, Budai út 4-6.
NTAK: EG19008841
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Famulus dorm

Looking for cheap but quality accommodation? You are in the right place!
Price calculation and booking


Looking for cheap but quality accommodation? You are in the right place!

Why the Famulus Hostel** is the perfect choise?

  • The Famulus Hostel ensures accommodation every day of the year with reduced cost
  • The Dormitory has got 48 apartments with 192 spaces. There are double rooms.
    Every apartmant is equipped with bathroom, a little kitchen and internet connection.
  • There is a mixed room for 10 people, with 5 bunk beds. This room is air-conditioned and is equipped with a locker. Next to the room, there is a bathroom.
  • The hostel has a parking place with cameras for 176 cars, and our guests can use them for free of charge. Buses can also park here.
  • The Hostel’s reception is open at the 24 hours of the day.
  • Bed-clothes and keycard can be rented in case of caution.
  • The entrance system makes for the safety of the guests.
  • In the hostel rooms and in public areas WIFI is available for free of charge for our guests. WiFi Code: 100200300


Apartment with 2x2 beds: 6.800 HUF / person / night

The price includes one bed.

If you don’t want a roommate: 9.900 HUF / person / night

In a case of bunk bed: 4.000 HUF / person / night

The prices do not include the city tax: 450 HUF / person / night (above 18 years).

Price calculation and booking

Calculate and book your accommodation online, with instant confirmation, easily, in a couple of steps, in just 2 minutes!